Guitars and Basses

Western Instrument

We offer a large selection of guitars and basses in both electric and acoustic styles. Choices are always available to select your favourite. We warrantee for the lowest price and the originality of the product. All products carry service warrantee as per their manufacturer’s norms.

We keeps following brands in Acoustic/Semi-electric and Classical Guitars:
You may get any one of the following brand of electric guitar in our stores:


If you are looking for Guitars, Amplifiers, keyboards, Drums, Percussions, Harmoniums, Tabla, Tanpura, Sitar, Saxophone, Flues, Mouth Organs ………………., you’ve arrived at the right place. At 7th Chord musicals our goal has always been to offer the latest & best in the industry.

Repairs & Maintenance Services

To keep you instruments to the best playable condition, we have a fully equipped guitar factory in Delhi. Also, we have repair desks available at our Dwarka showroom working all 7 days of the week for all music instruments, sound systems and recording equipments. We undertake round-the-clock emergency service jobs.

At 7th Chord we offer repair of Brass, woodwind and string instruments. Our repair staff is professionally trained and qualified, having years of experience. E offer everything from minor adjustments to full overhauls. Estimates are always free!

Guitars Paddles & Processors

Effects units are electronic devices that alter how a musical instrument or other audio source sounds. Some effects subtly “color” a sound, while others transform it dramatically. Effects are used during live performances or in the studio, typically with electric guitar, keyboard and bass. While most frequently used with electri instruments, effects can also be used with acoustic instruments, drums and vocals.

In 7th Chord Musicals we deal in Paddles and processors of following makers –

Guitars Accessories

You will find a very rich collection of various brands, shapes, sizes and colours of guitar accessories in our stores.

Capotasto (Capo): Kaps, Alice, Boston and Dzire brands.
Strings: D’adario, Fender, Martin, Ernie Ball, Alice, Olampia and Dzire brands.
Plectrums (Picks): Dunlop, Fender, Alice, Dzire and other major brands.
Guitar Straps: all major international brands available.
Tuners & Metronome: Musedo, kaps, gb&a and others.
Guitar Leads: ranging from 1m to 10m length, made from hi-grade low-noise cables from different established brands.
Fret Board Cleaner, Guitar Polish and other maintenance products from various brands available.

Other fretted instruments are also available such as banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles. If you are looking for a student guitar or want to upgrade to a top line instrument, check out our selection and start playing today.

You may check further details of models and sizes from the following links