Today, we feel proud to inform in general that M/s 7th CHORD MUSICALS is now “One Amongest Top in Delhi” into the business of repiar & maintenance of Musical Instruments. Specialist & experts in our reapir factory are serving you since 2005.

We have three main sectios in our factory for Harmonium & Indian Instruments, Guitar, Violins & Western Instruments and third for Electrical Gadgets (Amplifiers, Digital Instruments and PA system).

Indian Instrument

We have the capacity, technology and efficiency to repair every Make (Calcutta Make, Mumbai Make and North Indian) harmoniums, all kind (5 to 11 stopper, Double to Multi-bellow, Bassmale to madeen. Indian reed to German classical reeds) and all formats (simple to 11 changers, foot Pump Organs to latest Hand Bellow) harmoniums. The Harmonium repair team is Headed by Ustaad Liyakat Ali, who is into the Harmonium Making & repair for last 48 years. Ustaad Liyakat Ali had started his journey from Kanpur at the age of 8 with his Guru and graduated by working intensively in Calcutta (10 years), Mumbai (7 years), and Bhopal (5 years) and in Delhi since 1982. Ustaad is a super specialist of SCALE CHANGER HARMONIUMS and HARMONIUM WITH GREEN REEDS. Ustaad is assisted by his Son Mr. Sarafat Ali, who is into the business for last 15 years. We repair Acoustic Tanpura, Sitars and other Indian String Instruments to your satisfaction.


In this section we have team of 12 persons who work round the clock to repair damaged Guitars, Violin, Ukulele and other western string instruments. We repair for following problems:-

  • Broken Guitar (any part) and full body damage.
  • Brocken Neck, broken Fret-board and loose Frets.
  • Bending of Neck of Guitar.
  • Paint damage and Scratches removing.
  • Intonating setting and Bridge section repair.
  • Damage of Saddle and Nut Section.
  • Tuning key misbehaving.
  • Conversion of classical guitar (nylon String0 into steel string guitar and wise versa).

In our in-house PAINT SHOP. we can paint your guitar, repair the paint damage and also change the colour of your guitar.

Our Staff

Our staff expertise in the repair of complex Piano (digital to grand Piano), tuning of Piano (also German, Swiss and Russian classic Piano), Keyboard repair, Amplifier and Sound system repair.
Our expert Piano Tuner can tune your Piano in any part of country.
Special repair tables have been installed to repair keyboards of any make (Casio, Yamaha, Roland or Korg).

Instrument Care & Tips

Musical Instruments are hard to take care off, but if taken care, musical instruments are companions for life. We have put together some basic tips for taking care of those musical instruments. Taking care of the musical instrument is not only important for the durability of the instrument, but at the same time is important to ensure that the child stays excited, and motivated to go to the music class and continue on their musical paths.

For your quick enquiry please dial +91 99114 77911, +91 98737 31312 between 11 A.M. to 8.30 P.M.”

Come by and see us …………… your instrument will thank you.


D-410, 1st & 2nd Floor, Ramphal Chowk, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
(Opposite Vishal Megamart)


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