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Business Philosophy


Continuous efforts towards customers’ total satisfaction have been the theme throughout 7th Chord’s history, which the company traces to the early years of this century under the dynamic leadership of its founder & mentor Mr. Pawan Sharma.

The company built its reputation primarily as a musical instrument and PA / sound systems experts.

Throughout its history, 7th Chord has expanded its offerings and capitalized on evolving management trends and technologies to benefit its clients. The company pioneered quality products offering through gradual system improvisation and has established itself as a leader in today’s competitive Indian marketplace.

  • We shall conduct quality-related activities in order to provide customers with the best possible products. We shall try to ensure the end customer the optimise return on his investments to buy our products.
  • We shall observe all relevant laws, regulations, and contracts, and make efforts to continuously improve quality.
  • We shall establish a quality management system and work to continuously improve the system.
  • We shall do our best to provide products of consistent quality. We shall investigate and identify the root cause of any inconsistencies based on data, and make all required improvements in order to ensure consistent quality.

7th Chord Musicals upholds it’s mentor’s life philosophy, which has three elements – raison d’etre, mission and beliefs. This business philosophy expresses the company’s goal to contribute to the mental health & healing of people around the world through the providing best musical instruments & music education and trustworthy after-sales services, while continuously increasing 7th Chords’ enterprise value.


If you are looking for Guitars, Amplifiers, keyboards, Drums, Percussions, Harmoniums, Tabla, Tanpura, Sitar, Saxophone, Flues, Mouth Organs ………………., you’ve arrived at the right place. At 7th Chord musicals our goal has always been to offer the latest & best in the industry.

Repairs & Maintenance Services

To keep you instruments to the best playable condition, we have a fully equipped guitar factory in Delhi. Also, we have repair desks available at our Dwarka showroom working all 7 days of the week for all music instruments, sound systems and recording equipments. We undertake round-the-clock emergency service jobs.

At 7th Chord we offer repair of Brass, woodwind and string instruments. Our repair staff is professionally trained and qualified, having years of experience. E offer everything from minor adjustments to full overhauls. Estimates are always free!

Today, we feel proud to inform in general that M/s 7th CHORD MUSICALS is now “One Amongest Top in Delhi” into the business of repiar & maintenance of Musical Instruments. Specialist & experts in our reapir factory are serving you since 2005. We have three main sectios in our factory for Harmonium & Indian Instruments, Guitar, Violins & Western Instruments and third for Electrical Gadgets (Amplifiers, Digital Instruments and PA system). more…



The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that usually has six strings. It is typically played with both hands by strumming or plucking the strings with either a guitar pick or the finger/fingernails of one hand.


A musical keyboard is the set of adjacent depressible levers or keys on a musical instrument. Keyboards typically contain keys for playing the twelve notes of the Western musical scale.


A drum is a musical instrument which produces sound by the vibration of a stretched membrane. The membrane, which is known as the head, covers one or both ends of a hollow body known as the shell.


The harmonium is an instrument that has its origins in the period of British rule in India. It is a modified version of the reed organ, with keys like the piano and bellows to pump air into the instrument.


The tabla is a membranophone percussion instrument originating from the Indian subcontinent, consisting of a pair of drums, used in traditional, classical, popular and folk music.


An amplifier is an electronic device that increases the voltage, current, or power of a signal. Amplifiers are used in wireless communications and broadcasting, and in audio equipment of all kinds.

Instrument Care & Tips

Musical Instruments are hard to take care off, but if taken care, musical instruments are companions for life. We have put together some basic tips for taking care of those musical instruments. Taking care of the musical instrument is not only important for the durability of the instrument, but at the same time is important to ensure that the child stays excited, and motivated to go to the music class and continue on their musical paths.

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Come by and see us …………… your instrument will thank you.


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